Divisora – König – Industrie Rex Automat T4

Divisora König Industrie Rex Automat T4 - 3200039 - 1
Datos Técnicos
Dimensiones 2950 × 900 × 1700 mm



Industrie Rex Automat T4 s-1/3-107(EG)

Año de construcción



4.500 – 6.000 pcs./h

rango de peso

130 – 280 g (dough dependant)



Información adicional

6 filas
Incluye formadora
special edition with weight range from 130 – 280 grams

Divisora – König – Industrie Rex Automat T4

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König Industrie Rex Automat T4 Dough Divider is a versatile solution designed to optimize your bakery production.
This 4-row head machine is equipped with a long moulder, perfectly suited for the production of hot dog buns or other long moulded buns.
With a weight range of up to 280 g, it caters to a variety of dough products, from medium sized up to large buns. The König Rex Automat T4 offers precise portioning and consistent results, ensuring uniformity in size and weight across your dough products. Its robust construction and reliable performance make it ideal for high-demand bakery environments.

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