Bun Line König Industrie Rex t5/4 9

bun line – König

Bun Line König Industrie Rex t5/4 9



Industrie Rex T5/4


8.000 – 10.000 pcs/h





Consisting of the following components:
– König I-Rex 4/5 rows with TRÖ star roller portioner
weight range: 35 – 120 g
– Pre proofer with stamping unit, oiling unit for
Passauer and long moulder
– seeding station

– setting device

– all wearing parts like bearings, belts have been replaced in 2020
– all metal parts that come in contact with dough
are newly teflonized
– completely new electrical system (cables,
control cabinet)
– new drums, pistons and chamber in head

bun line – König

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This König industrial Rex bun line is a highly versatile production line, which is able to produce a variety of different buns – like Passauer, seeded buns, round buns, long moulded buns and stamped buns. With it’s high capacity of up to 10.000 pieces per hour it is the ideal line to take if you’re looking to up your production output. The line also has a weight range which allows you to make a lot of different products. It has been completely refurbished in 2020, this has included all wearing parts, like bearings and belts. Additionally the head machine received new pistons, drums and chamber. All metal parts which come into contact with dough have been newly teflonized and the electrics have also been refurbished.

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