donut decoration line – Bakon

Donut Decoration Line Bakon 12

Bakon, I.J. white

Construction Year

1998, 2016

working width

900 mm


21.000 pcs/h




in operation

donut decoration line

consisting of:


  • transfer belt after fat frying plant
  • Bakon transport belt (year: 2016)
  • Bakon sugar glazing machine (year: 2016)
  • transport belts
  • elevating belt
  • cooling spiral (150 mm deck clearance)
  • bypass to icing machine
  • topping return conveyor
  • transport belt after cooling spiral
  • transfer belt


  • 2x tank for glazing (incl. piping system)
  • 2x tank for icing
  • switch cabinets


the line can be used to decorate donuts with glazing or icing

donut decoration line – Bakon

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This donut decoration line can be used if you have a automatic fat frying plant and are looking to automatise the decoration process. It is a complete system which can decorate donuts with icing or glazing, it also features a cooling spiral to ensure that the product is immediatly ready after decoration. It comes with 4 tanks total – 2 for icing and 2 for glazing, which adds the flexibility to change colors and flavours easily.

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