Miwe double rack oven 1

Double rack oven – MIWE – RI 2.0610-TL

Miwe double rack oven 1
Dimensions 3125 × 2125 × 3065 mm



RI 2.0610-TL

Construction Year



gas heated

Tray Size

600 x 1000, 600 x 800






Double rack oven – MIWE – RI 2.0610-TL

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The MIWE double rack oven roll-in RI 2.0610-TL is the perfect solution for high demands in the bakery. With a capacity of up to 40 trays, this oven is ideal for the production of baked goods. The oven can be used either for 600 x 1,000 mm trays or also for 600 x 800 mm trays, which offers high flexibility. The MIWE oven is heated either with oil or gas and has an FP control system, which enables intuitive operation and optimal control of the baking processes. In addition, the roll-in RI 2.0610-TL double rack oven is equipped with an anti-slip ramp design that ensures safe loading and unloading of trays. The roll-in system allows quick and convenient loading of trays into the oven. Thanks to its energy-saving technology and reliable quality, this furnace is the ideal solution.

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