Pastry Line Seewer Rondo spf602 1

pastry line – Seewer Rondo – SPF602

Pastry Line Seewer Rondo spf602 1

Seewer Rondo




calibrator, cutting rollers, cutting station, folding shoes, guillotine, roll up station





consisting of:

  • make up table
  • calibrator
  • various tools
  • stamping station
  • analog control
  • roll up station

pastry line – Seewer Rondo – SPF602

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This  Seewer Rondo make up line is a very good addition to every bakery which looks to partly automatise their pastry production. With the SPF602 you are able to produce a variety of pastry products, ranging from croissants, danish pastry, puff pastry, filled pastry up until folded products. This line has been refurbished in 2023 and therefore is in very good condition, it received a new belt, partially new electronics, synchronisation with the calibrating unit, and a touch up of the stainless steel parts.

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