sale positions listing

Which Products

bread, Buns, confectionary, dough, fat fried, small bakery goods

Construction Year

1995 – 2015


Diosna, Hobart, Kemper, Liebherr, MIWE, Reimelt, Rondo, Wachtel, Wiesheu, WP


bun line, chocolate machines, confectionary equipment, coolers, freezers, mixers, ovens, sheeters


in operation

positions for sale:

  • refrigerators
  • freezers
  • WP bun line
  • König Artisan line
  • MIWE rotary ovens
  • WP deck oven plant
  • Kemper mixers
  • Diosna W240 mixer
  • Rondo sheeters
  • Hobart planetary mixers
  • Bear planetary mixers
  • Rego mixers
  • chocolate machines
  • washing machines
  • Wiesheu shop ovens
  • Wachtel deck ovens
  • Carimali coffee machines
  • coffema coffee machines
  • stainless steel furniture
  • restaurant equipment
  • small parts
  • proofer carriers
  • and much more!

sale positions listing

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Big bakery closure near Bremen, everything that is needed in a bakery is for sale – also a variety of goods and machines used for restaurants and hotels.

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