San Cassiano / Fritsch / Mecatherm production line

Fritsch Mecatherm Dough belt line 26

Fritsch, Mecatherm, San Cassiano

Construction Year

2005, 2016




in operation

Complete production line

consisting of:

San Cassiano caroussel mixing system

  • year: 2005
  • type: hydra
  • control via external switch cabinet

Fritsch doughbelt line

  • year: 2005/2006
  • pre portioner
  • extruder type RDP
  • calibrating head
  • cross roller
  • satellite head
  • cutting station
  • spreading belts
  • scrap dough removal
  • seeding station
  • tray setting device

Mecatherm line

Mecatherm step proofing system

  • type MVS
  • year: 2016
  • tray capacity total: 350
  • 2 towers

Mecatherm cutting station

  • type: Scarif
  • year: 2005

Mecatherm step oven

  • type: F.T.C.
  • year: 2005
  • gas heated
  • tray capacity per oven: 28
  • 3 modules total
  • total oven capacity: 84 trays

Mecatherm step cooler

  • type: T.R.P
  • year: 2005
  • tray capacity total: 102
  • 2 towers

Mecatherm freezer

  • type: T.S.P.
  • year: 2005
  • tray capacity total: 249 trays
  • 5 towers

Mecatherm Depanner

closed tray handling system

San Cassiano / Fritsch / Mecatherm production line

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This San Cassiano, Fritsch, Mecatherm production line is suitable to produce frozen baguettes on a industrial scale. It starts at the San Cassiano mixing system which automatically prepares the dough and feeds it into the Fritsch section of the line. The Fritsch section takes care of handling the make up process and handover of the finished to the Mecatherm tray system. The first step in the Mecatherm line is the 2 tower proofer from 2016, which afterwards hands the products over to the automatic Mecatherm cutting station. The 3 oven modules then take care of baking the products. The products go through the cooling and freezing section and then arrive at the depanner which then takes them off from the trays.

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