Sponge Finger Line Comas/Laser 12

Sponge finger line – Comas / Laser

Sponge Finger Line Comas/Laser 12
Construction Year



Comas, Laser


gas heated




in operation

Sponge finger line from Comas and Laser

Consisting of:
Comas Depositor type DFV 1200
Wooden boxes for baking pans
Oil transport system
Control cabinet
Mondomix Aerator
Oil vapor recovery system
2x duster
Injection unit
Control cabinet
Extraction unit
Feeding modules
Laser tunnel oven, type FCT, 1,20 x 30 m
Sheet metal vibrator
Output modules
Cleaning brush
Vacuum reject recovery unit
Comas depanning system with pick and place

Sponge finger line – Comas / Laser

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This sponge finger line from 2006 is perfectly suited to produce sponge fingers with an industrial capacity, it features complete automatic production and tray handling.

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