Tin Bread Toastline Winkler Schmidt Lünen 7

tin bread / toastline – Winkler/Schmidt Lünen

Tin Bread Toastline Winkler Schmidt Lünen 7

Benier, Gasparin, Schmidt Lünen, Winkler


maximum 3.500 pcs/h





Toast / tin bread production line

consisting of:

Turkington high speed mixing system

With automatic lifter system

Benier 4 chamber divider

Benier conical rounder

Benier long moulder with 4 pieces system

Cuts batches directly into tins

With setting device into tins

Intermediate Proofer

Transfer to step proofer

Schmidt Lünen step proofer

Proofing time: 90 minutes

Schmidt Lünen tin storage system

Schmdit Lünen elevators

Complete conveyor system

Oven loader

Winkler tunnel oven

Working width: 3.000 mm

Length: 43.000 mm

Baking area: 129 m²

New Weishaupt burners

Oven unloader


Tin return system

Cooling spiral

Cooling time 90 minutes

Belt width: 800 mm

Transfer belt to packaging

New Gasparin slicing and packaging machines

2x Slicer

2x Packaging

Packaging capacity maximum 4800 pcs/h

With date printer

Conveyor width: 800 mm

Line suitable for 400V 50Hz 3 Phases

With new Siemens S7 control system

Equipment completely refurbished – price includes installation

Accomodation, travel expenses, flights and transport has to be paid by buyer.

(pictures shown are examples)

tin bread / toastline – Winkler/Schmidt Lünen

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This tin bread line is fully automatic, from start to end – suitable to produce tin bread or toast with a high volume in industrial bakeries.

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