Ultrasonic Cutting Machine – Cheersonic – UFM 8000

Cutting Machine Ultrasonic Cheersonic ufm8000 1
Dimensions 4021 × 1200 × 1650 mm



UFM 8000


200 – 350 products per hour



Tray Size

600 x 400 mm


Touch screen

Cake Cutting Packaging Machine - Cheersonic

(Inline) Ultrasonic Cutting Machine UFM 8000


Standalone solution or integrated in production line

For bar-shaped and tray products with changing-over quickly

Products: Cake, Dairy Products, Dough, Pastry

Tray size: 400 x 600 mm

Capacity: about 200 – 350 products per hour

Blade width: 2x 305 mm / 2x 200 mm

Effective cutting height: 65 mm

Easy to clean blade and machine

A wide range of blade types for various applications

Servo motor-driven ultrasonic blade

Temperature range: -15 °C up to room temperature

Color touch screen with user-friendly interface

Reliable and durable ultrasonic machine

Increased quality and labor saving enhance capacity

Improved portion quality and consistency

Easy-to-use editing programs

Safety protective door

Fully stainless steel construction & food grade plastics

Machine size: 4021 x 1200 x 1650 mm (L*W*H)

Single phase supply: 220V 50-60 Hz 10A


Incl. 12 Month warranty

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Ultrasonic Cutting Machine – Cheersonic – UFM 8000

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The Cheersonic (Inline) Ultrasonic Cutting Machine UFM 8000 is a versatile solution that can function as a standalone unit or be seamlessly integrated into your production line. This dynamic machine is designed for precise cutting of bar-shaped and tray products, including cake, dairy items, dough, and pastry, with swift change-over option. It works with tray sizes of 400 x 600 mm and has a capacity of 200-350 products per hour. Equipped with 2x 305 mm and 2x 200 mm wide blades, and an effective cutting height of 65 mm, it ensures versatility and efficiency. The machine comes with guarantee of 12 months.

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