Ultrasonic Cutting Machine – Cheersonic – UFM 1000 R

Cutting Machine Ultrasonic Cheersonic ufm1000r 1
Dimensions 550 × 640 × 1760 mm



UFM 1000 R


60 – 120 products per hour



Product diameter

up to 30 cm

Effective cutting height

65 cm


Touch screen

UFM1000R Ultrasonic Round Cake Cutter

Ultrasonic Round Cake Portioning Machine


For round products portioning

(round cake, dairy products, pizza)

Capacity: about 60 – 120 products per hour

Different division numbers possible

Blade width: 305 mm

Product diameter: up to 30 cm

Effective cutting height: 65 mm

Temperature range: -15 °C up to room temperature

Color touch screen with user-friendly interface

Reliable and durable ultrasonic machine

Increased quality and labor saving enhance capacity

Improved portion quality and consistency

Easy to clean the blade and machine

Motor-driven rotary ultrasonic blade

Easy-to-use editing programs

Fully stainless steel construction & food grade plastics

Machine size: 550 x 640 x 1760 mm (L*W*H)

Single phase supply: 220V 50-60 Hz 10A


Incl. 12 Month guarantee

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Ultrasonic Cutting Machine – Cheersonic – UFM 1000 R

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The Cheersonic Ultrasonic Cutting Machine UFM 1000 R is designed for precise portioning of round products such as cake, dairy products, and pizza. It has a capacity of 60-120 products per hour. The user-friendly touch screen simplifies operation. The machine’s reliability and durability, along with motor-driven rotary ultrasonic blade technology, assures product quality, consistency, and labor efficiency. The machine comes with guarantee of 12 months.

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